Modular design

This combined bread roll line has been constructed according to Fortuna’s new modular concept. Its centerpiece is the intermediate proofing cabinet with stamping unit. Following, there are all additional working units desired by the client, such as curling unit, upper belt long-moulding unit or seeding unit. Due to the modular design, the line can be amplified by further modules later on, without any difficulty.

The line is designed for three-shift operation and produces with 8-pockets up to 24,000 dough pieces per hour. Thanks to an ingenious automation concept, it works nearly in an unattended way. At the panning unit trays with the size of 60 x 40 cm are automatically provided and filled with dough pieces. Afterwards they are passed on straight into a continuous freezer. Thereby the panning is planned in a way that a manual taking-off is also possible, if required. Control of the production process is carried out in computer-aided way by the new Fortuna PLC manager. With this tool the line’s entire data (for example production lists, programmes, recipes, fault reports) can be traced to the split second and merged on a PC.

  • Divider and rounder Magnus, 6-pockets
  • Link conveyors made of plastic
  • Weight range 40-120 g
  • Maximum hourly output 24,000 pieces
  • Fully air-conditioned intermediate proofing cabinet (prepared for future retrofitting from currently 25 to 50 strokes/minute)
  • Long-moulding unit for the making of long-moulded products, such as cut or pointed bread roll (Spitzweck)
  • Stamping-cutting unit with turret for a quick changeover to different bread roll types
  • Automatic feeding and loading system for trays
  • Panning with connectivity to a continuous freezer
  • Maintenance and service intervals are displayed in the control panel
  • Efficient monitoring of the production process with the Fortuna PLC manager
  • Fortuna hygiene concept

Product samples

Fortuna Produktbeispiel-Kaiser
Fortuna Produktbeispiel_Schnitt
Fortuna Produktbeispiel_Houska



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