Milestones in the company’s history


Fortuna now part of the Koenig Group

As of the beginning of January 2019, the newly found Fortuna Maschinen GmbH is part of the Koenig Group. Koenig CEO Wolfgang Staufer justifies the decision on this strategic step: “The know-how at Fortuna is enormous and we want to preserve and expand this unique wealth of experience for the market. The acquisition also enables us to expand our product portfolio for artisan businesses. ”

“We want to secure the future of this traditional company and its employees,” emphasizes Wolfgang Staufer.

The primary objective is to serve international customers more intensively and to complete existing and new orders and ensure a high level of customer service.


125 years of Fortuna!

We thank our clients for the loyalty to the company and our employees for their tireless effort, with which – day after day – they contribute to Fortuna’s successful evolution.
In the anniversary year Fortuna presents two new dividers and rounders at the iba: the Primus Pro – designed according to the latest hygiene requirements – and the Magnus Superior for the production in three-shift operation. Moreover, the company introduces the new bread roll line Profiline Modular.

Recent Developments

Fortuna starts with the development of the dividers and rounders Primus Pro, Magnus Superior and the modular line concept.

Fortuna Magnus Soft

The newly developed divider and rounder Fortuna Magnus Soft causes a sensation with its innovative rounding system at the iba and wins the iba Trophy 2009. Due to the Magnus Soft, extremely soft doughs can be processed in a fully automatic way – something that had been impossible with a classical divider and rounder until the cited moment.

Trend Award 2008

The divider and rounder Magnus is awarded with the Trend Award 2008 at the südback.

New Product Line

Fortuna presents the divider and rounder Magnus – the multitalent for the production of large quantities.


Fortuna launches a new product line designed for the efficient production of bakery goods with a high hourly output.

Fully-automated Machine Development

Start of the development of fully automatic machines and bread roll production lines. In the following years Fortuna is granted numerous patents on new inventions.

In-house Iron Foundry

Starting up of an in-house iron foundry. The opening of the melting furnace is viewed with great interest by the public.

New Sales Markets

Beginning of opening up new sales markets in far-off regions, such as the United States of America.

Fortuna Automate

Invention and patent registration of the Fortuna automate. Until today the automatic dough divider and rounder is a synonym for quality, precision and durability.

Reconstruction of the Company in Lichtenfels

Complete reconstruction of the company in Lichtenfels. However, due to continued rapid growth, these premises quickly become too small. So, in 1951 the company moves to Bad Staffelstein, where the head office is still located.

Patent Fortuna

The company is granted a patent on the first dough divider and rounder `Fortuna´. In the following years distribution channels are built up all over Germany and in neighbouring countries (the Netherlands, Austria etc.).

Start of Production

Start of the kneading machines’ production and manually-operated dough dividing machines.

Foundation of the Company

Foundation of the company by Edmund Schröder in Langenwetzendorf/Thuringia, Germany. The small workshop develops and produces baking ovens, which are sold to regional bakeries.