The efficient one

The Fortuna Magnus is a real multi talent. It processes a wide range of the most diverse dough types – from firm pretzel dough over dough for Kaiser- and cut bread rolls, Houska or pizza base, up to the soft wheat dough for mini-baguette, hamburger, hotdog, & Co. The large weight range and the high hourly output make the Fortuna Magnus a real stroke of luck for your bakery.

  • Innovative dividing system with gentle dough handling
  • Patent pending flour duster of the drum, due to which even extremely soft dough, with long proofing times, can be processed efficiently
  • Large weight range from 12 to 400 g – depending on the dough structure and weight
  • Quick reduction of pistons by simple blocking the measuring pistons
  • Change of rounding drums and measuring pistons within very short time
  • Automatic central lubrication system of the drive and the dividing system
  • Very good accessibility of all machine parts for cleaning and maintenance


Optional Equipment

  • Different dough hoppers with electronic level control
  • Adjustable number of pockets
  • Electric weight adjustment (via Touch-Panel)
  • Patent pending drum flour duster
  • Flour duster for spreading belts
  • Piece counter
  • Remote access system via VPN

Technical data


7.200 St.

9.600 St.

12.000 St.

14.400 St.

16.800 St.

*depending on the dough used


20-360 g

20-360 g

20-300 g

20-170 g

20-110 g

** depending on the size of the measuring pistons and of the drums; special weight ranges upon request

WeightDrive power

ca. 1.900 kg (6-reihig)

ca. 4,5 kW
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