For the connection to an automation system

This combined bread roll line is made for the efficient production of stamped and cut bread rolls in best artisan quality. Equipped with a long-moulding unit, stamping-cutting unit and seeding unit, it covers all options of bread roll production. Short setup/tooling times make product changes especially easy. A large variety is possible because of the mobile seeding unit with its different seeding containers for coarse and fine seeds. Due to the integrated seeds-recycling system, the excessive seeds are automatically reconducted into the seeding container.

One of the line’s highlights is the self-supporting panning for the connection to an automation system for trays or boxes. Consequently, the time-consuming manual operation of the panning is omitted and the line’s capacity can be fully exploited. Moreover, the Fortuna constructing engineers have developed a clever system for the line, in order to fill the trays with dough pieces of a 6-pockets line, as if it was a 4-pockets line. Because of this technical finesse it is possible to use the full product length of cut bread rolls also in a 6-pockets line.

  • Divider and rounder Primus, 6-pockets
  • Weight range 40-100 g
  • Maximum hourly output 7,200 pieces
  • Divider and rounder fed through a pre-portioning dough hopper (on wheels)
  • Intermediate proofing cabinet with climate control
  • Bypass for the transport of round dough pieces from the divider and rounder straight to the panning
  • Long-moulding board for cut bread rolls, Houska etc.
  • Stamping-cutting unit with round and long cups
  • Side discharge for pretzels or curled products at the end of the proofing time
  • Cup-cleaning unit with rotating brushes
  • Mobile seeding unit with different seeds, from coarse to fine
  • Seeds-recycling system
  • Self-supporting panning unit for the connection of the tray- or box-transport system provided by the client

Product samples

Fortuna Produktbeispiel-Kaiser
Fortuna Produktbeispiel_Houska
Fortuna Produktbeispiel_Kaiser_Mohn
Fortuna Produktbeispiel_Houska
Fortuna Produktbeispiel_Kaiser_Sesam
Fortuna Produktbeispiel_Rundes
Fortuna Produktbeispiel_Schnitt
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